Well, well

Welcome to the team!

by Matthew Latkiewicz

Welcome to the team! is an immersive short story.

What that means is

  • You experience the story through the web, your email, and your phone
  • It will take place over about 10 days
  • I imagine you’ll spend about 20 minutes a day with it
  • It won’t matter when those 20 minutes are

Be warned: this version is very rough.

I am still developing the story, but you can get a preview and sign up to be notified when it launches. Just click or tap the “Preview the story” button below and there will be a signup form on the following page.

Hopefully, this sounds intriguing and you are on board.

The first thing you’ll hit after this preamble is a website for a fake startup. Think of it like chapter one.

Explore the website. It will lead you to sign up for something. If you want chapter two, then you should sign up.

Oh and, while there are references to “accessing your data” in the story, Welcome to the team! doesn’t actually access anything.

Have a good time.