Why Legality?

The American justice system is broken. Legality is better.

Crime is a horrible thing. But it happens. And when it does, the legal system is there to punish the guilty and enforce the social contract. That’s a good thing. But the American legal system? It could better. A lot better.

That’s where Legality comes in. The American legal system is over 200 years old and based on processes that date back to the Dark Ages. That’s right. The Dark Ages.

The American Legal System Legality

The American legal system is inefficient and slow

It’s no secret that nearly every court in America faces a serious backlog; and they have no plan for digging themselves out. All the process and ineffeciencies mean that details get missed, cases drag on, and the accused are stuck awaiting trial for months.

Legality is built for speed

With our one-hour verdict guarantees and simple drag and drop case content upload interface, case backlogs disappear and all you’ll be wondering is “where did all my work go?”

The American legal system is expensive

Did you know? Taxpayers pay for the majority of the American legal system, including the wages of law officers, judges, legal bureaucrats, regulators, police, and prosecutors. It’s a bloated system and your community’s taxpayers are stuck with the bill.

Legality 40% cheaper than traditional legal systems

By removing most of the bloat in verdict production, we can significantly reduce the cost of your justice while increasing it’s productivity.

The American legal system is confusing

Have you ever tried to read a legal document and thought you must be reading something from an alien civilization because it made no sense? Yeah, us too. And this confusion leads to disastrous results. According to some estimates, juries let off about 25 percent of guilty defendants, because jurors are confused by legal concepts like “burden of proof.”1

Legality is designed to be understood

We take clarity seriously here at Legality. Our design team sweats the details and understands that at the end of the day justice is about people.

The American legal system is unfair

The American justice system is unfortunately crowded with examples of injustice. While the courts may have the best intentions at heart, racial and class bias have affected the outcomes of court cases since the beginning.

Legality removes bias from verdict production

Unlike Justice, the TrueVerdict™ platform is truly blind. Case Content is combined with our proprietary Human Morality Survey Index to produce verdicts based on truth, not on how much money you make or what you look like.

The American legal system is susceptible to media influence

We live in a media-saturated world. It is unreasonable to expect that the members of a jury aren’t influenced by the coverage of a trial—no matter what the judge says about sequestration.

Legality separates trial coverage from the trial

Watch as much news as you want! The TrueVerdict™ platform isn’t susceptible to media influence. Our powerful and media-resistant technology processes the case content while our Morality Surveys bypass the Ideal Juror’s™ surface thoughts and instead get at the actual morality of the matter. No spin allowed.

The American legal system gives too much power to lawyers

In the American legal system, lawyers have all the power. They control evidence and question witnesses. And yet, a lawyers job isn’t to find the truth of a case. Their job is to sway the jury! Since when did making arguments matter more than the truth? And some lawyers are better at making arguments than others. Which means that justice often comes down to who has the more expensive lawyer.

Legality focuses on truth, not on arguing

In the Legality system lawyers simply upload the evidence. They don’t control it! A verdict is decided by what is true, not by who is better at arguing. Our direct-to-defendant model puts the power back where it should be.

The American legal system is subject to Human Error

It’s just a fact of life: humans make errors. And in the American legal system, juries are made up of humans. In fact, it is estimated that upwards of four percent of the U.S. prison population is innocent, while more than half of guilty defendants get off.

Legality removes the error from human error

By removing verdict production from humans, Legality ensures error-free decision making and rock solid outcomes. We guarantee less than a percent of wrongful convictions and 99.8% of correct ones. Now that sounds like justice.

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