Help shape the legal system's digital future

The American legal system is broken. It needs your help.

Legality is looking for the next generation of socially minded, ambitious team players ready to make a difference in the world.

And you don’t even need to leave your house to do it!

Our Ideal Juror™ beta-employee program is your opportunity to be in on the ground floor of telejustice, the next big thing in both the technology and justice spaces. We are a well-funded startup, backed by some of the top names in the VC community. Come grow with us.

The Ideal Juror™ Role

Ideal Jurors™ are the heart and soul of Legality. We like to say that the most critical part of the TrueVerdict™ software is the human heart.

And the best thing is, you don’t need any special training or skills. Being human is all the training you need!


Here’s how it works:


You sign up for the beta-employee program


Legality's secure identity analysis engine pulls in your entire identity profile

So that we may match you with the right legal content. We encrypt this data end to end and never share it with anyone.

We pair you with an onboarding buddy

Who will help get you up and running. They will email you once or twice a day in your first week or two, make sure you have what you need.

You start receiving curated legal cases and an accompanying Moral Survey

Learn more about Moral Surveys

You complete the survey

Your answers are combined and analyzed with the case data. Our patent pending algorithm produces the TrueVerdict™ within the hour.

The case is closed and we send you the official Legality Case Success Story and 5 Justice Points

You’ll learn more about the case, as well as the role your survey played in producing the verdict.

That’s it! (What, were you expecting more steps?) 😉

This position presents you with a unique opportunity to:

  • Work from wherever you want, whenever you want
  • Earn Justice Points, redeemable as cash in beta-community restaurants and fitness centers
  • Participate meaningfully in society
  • Have an impact on the digital evolution of the justice system

While not officially hiring–as we are the first of our kind, federal regulation must first approve our operation as a licensed employer–beta-employees will be first in line for interviews when we flip that switch.

Once officially licensed, we will be offering competitive salaries, great benefits, and a generous stock option plan. You give us 200% and we will help you achieve your highest potential.