The Way Justice Should Be Served

Legality is a cloud-based, crowdsourced justice system

We partner with next-generation municipalities ready to rethink, reimagine, and reengineer their legal systems.

One hour verdicts

Once a case is fully uploaded to Legality, we promise a TrueVerdict™ within the hour. Hassle-free convictions; seamless acquittals. Isn’t that how it should be?

No jury required

Unlike a traditional jury system, Legality pairs each case with a single Ideal Juror™ . Now, lawyers can spend their time uploading case content, not jury selection.

99.8% accuracy

Legality uses powerful algorithms and cutting edge moral science to process case files and social morality, consistently producing best-in-class judgements.

Easy set up

Our security compliant cloud architecture means there’s no messy onsite installs or server maintenance. And with our Legality Service Success team, we’ll have your town up and running in no time.

How Legality works

Let’s face it, the trial by jury system is outdated and ineffecient. We asked ourselves: what would the justice system look like if we built it today? The answer we came up with is Legality.

Our innovative TrueVerdict™ platform will reduce wrongful convictions, decrease trial backlog, and help cities and towns get back to what they love most.

The Old Way

  1. Lawyers on both sides work for months investigating the evidence and collect testimony in order to put together a case.
  2. Each side presents that case to a group of 10 random people who they have selected to decide the verdict.
  3. The 10 people sit in a room and argue until they have reached a verdict.

The Legality Way

  1. Legal aides upload all the case files and testimony to the secure Legality servers
  2. Legality analyzes the data and alogorithmically matches the case to one of our Ideal Jurors™ .
  3. The Ideal Juror™ fills out a simple, yet powerful Social Morality Survey.
  4. Legality processes the case data with the Morality Survey to produce a TrueVerdict™
Before Legality, the Contra Costa court system was, to put it mildly, an embarrasment. Long case times, corruption, greedy lawyers, you name it. Legality wiped that slate clean. Cases no longer drag on and I can fall asleep at night knowing that we’ve put the right people behind bars. We’ve been a Legality beta-community for almost a year now and I for one couldn’t be happier. Margaret Gracey

Mayor, Danville, CA

Look, I’m not proud of what I did. But the American criminal justice system? That’s definitely cruel and unusual. Letting Legality try my case meant I got a verdict quickly and their Defendant Partner Program walked me through the whole process. And even though Legality found me guilty, I was given a lighter sentence. Being on trial sucks, but if you have to be on trial, you should definitely use Legality. Henry Ringston

Car Thief, Martinez Detention Facility

These Communities trust Legality over the American Legal System. See why!

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The TrueVerdict™ Promise

Our patent-pending TrueVerdict™ technology platform means that each and every verdict produced by Legality will be the correct verdict for your city or town. Our powerful, secure cloud structure can process every single piece of case data more deeply than any 10 random legacy-jurors ever could. And because our Ideal Juror™ Algorithm matches a case with the person most inline with your community’s Moral Index, you’ll get Legality’s data processing power with a human touch.

TrueVerdicts™ are the verdict God would deliver if He dabbled in district court.

– Heather Hamilton, Founder and CEO

Be the future of justice in the present

Legality is looking for rock star individuals to join our Ideal Juror Team.